Choosing the Right Contractor for the Job

Shop Smart:

  • The best contractor may not be the lowest estimate
  • Find a contractor that is a certified installer
  • Ask for References
  • Evaluate all aspects of the estimates, including scope of work, warranties, references, time frames, and price.
  • Troubleshoot, try to anticipate problems and inconveniences and come up with an agreement about how to handle these concerns before work begins.
  • Obtain a written contract that includes price, payment terms, sales tax, permit fees, the specific time frames for work and completion dates.
  • Ask who does the “locates” for phone, hydro and gas.

Be Wary of Contractors who:

  • Provide credentials that cannot be verified
  • Offer a special price only if you sign up today
  • Only accept cash
  • Refuse to provide a written contract
  • Ask you to get the permits
  • Offer exceptionally long warranties
  • Can only work on weekends or after hours
  • Make you and offer too good to be true
  • You don’t know where they live

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