Septic Pumping

Inlet baffle plugged with garbage and cigarette butts
The number one cause of septic tank backups: a plugged inlet baffle.

Mike Clark Excavating provides cleaning, preventative maintenance, and repair of septic systems, including:

  • Septic cleaning / pumping
  • Repair
  • Water Jetting

Septic systems contain living organisms that digest and treat waste. Septic systems are not designed to be garbage disposals, if you can dispose of solids easily into the garbage we strongly recommend you do so. Solids can build up in your septic tank, the more solids that go into the tank, the more frequently the tank will need to be pumped and increased risk for problems to arise.

Why Should I Maintain My Septic System?

Double Compartment Septic Tank Anatomy
Double Compartment Septic Tank

When septic systems are properly designed, built and maintained they reduce or eliminate most human health or environmental threats posed by pollutant in household wastewater.  They do require regular maintenance to ensure they work properly through their service lives.

Saving money

Proper maintenance of your septic system will save you money.  Failing septic systems can be very expensive to repair or replace and poor maintenance is often the cause.  Have your septic system inspected regularly.  Typically a septic system will require pumping every 3-5 years.

Leaking Faucets

A small drip from your faucets can add unnecessary water to your septic system.

Winter Pump Outs

Cold weather and minimal snow can lead to lines freezing from your house to your septic system. Material can be placed over your tank to maintain temperatures above 12 C.

Contact Mike Clark Excavating & Septic Pumping to establish a regular maintenance schedule and prolong the life of your septic system.

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