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Clark Family
Diane, Bill, Mike and Elaine Clark

In 1983, the Clark family experienced a major problem with a “back up” of sewage. The unavailability of a septic service provider pushed Bill & Diane Clark into founding Abbeys Septic Service. Mike Clark, then graduating high school, recognized the need for holding a tank and a septic system installer. Fast forward to 1988 when Mike Clark Excavating had become a leading local septic installer working with Abbeys Septic Service.

In Mike’s first season, 25 septic systems were installed, while he was still pumping septic tanks with his parents (Bill and Diane Clark), and gaining invaluable hands-on experience.

In 1999. Mike and Elaine Clark took over Abbeys Septic Service, and this combined family business was renamed Mike Clark Excavating & Septic Pumping. As time went on, we began to see another need: portable toilets. Beginning with 30 port-a-potties, we kept adding to our fleet as the demands increased until we now have over two hundred units available for rent.

Following Mike’s footsteps, son, Billy Clark is the third generation to become interested in helping to keep our environment and water clean. Billy is very well informed on older septic systems as well as newer onsite treatment units.

We recognize the changing needs of our clients, as septic systems age over time and begin showing signs of stress and/or failure. We offer many cost-conscious solutions to prolong the life of your septic tank and system. Some repair services include; septic line jetting, septic bed jetting, application of digesters to rejuvenate septic system, holding tank replacement, or full septic system re-installation.

Mike Clark receiving the Jim Aitkin Award for his outstanding contribution to the OASIS Board, October 2015
Mike Clark, recipient of the Jim Aitkin Award for his “Outstanding Contribution” to the OASIS Board (October, 2015)

We have been members Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services since 2002. In 2004, Mike was nominated to sit as a director for the board of OASIS. Elected by his peers in 2009, Mike became Vice-President. Beginning in 2011, Mike became President of OASIS and was still standing as Past President 2016. Being an active member of OASIS has allowed us to stay current with policies and building code changes effecting our clients’ older septic systems and new septic system installs.

As septic technologies and protocols change, we learn and adapt to the latest advancements in our industry. We utilize specialized technology including service trucks, vacuum trucks, and other necessary equipment. Our experienced and professional employees are pleased to offer you the best service possible, and are proud of our good reputation within our local community.

Mike Clark Excavating and Septic Pumping