Septic System Inspections

Regular inspections are important for the proper maintenance of your septic system, and can identify ongoing or potential problems. Inspections can help to ensure a long, useful lifespan for your septic system.

Time of Sale Inspections

Buyers, real estate agents and financial institutions commonly request that septic systems be inspected prior to finalizing a sale to protect against unexpected costs.  At the time of sale an inspection should involve pumping the tank and examining the leaching bed for any signs of problems. This type of inspection may be conducted by a licensed septic system installer, a licensed sewage hauler or a professional environmental engineer.

Re-inspection Programs

Some municipalities have initiated re-inspection programs of existing septic systems to address water quality concerns. These programs are conducted by the local enforcement agency to determine the integrity of the system. This type of inspection could involve assessing the condition of the tank, as well as examining the bed for signs of problems.

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