Septic System Install

Mike Clark Excavating provides preventative maintenance, repair and replacement of septic systems, including:

  • Pump
  • Repair/Replace
  • Install
  • Water Jetting

Septic systems contain living organisms that digest and treat waste. Septic systems are not designed to be garbage disposals, if you can dispose of solids easily into the garbage we strongly recommend you do so. Solids can build up in your septic tank, the more solids that go into the tank, the more frequently the tank will need to be pumped and increased risk for problems to arise.

What is a Septic System?

A Septic System is a private sewage treatment system, commonly used in rural areas where there are not municipal sewage systems to hook into. 

The design and construction of your septic system is influenced by your location, characteristics of the surrounding land and soil make up.  All septic systems require careful attention to design, construction, operation and maintenance.


Mike Clark Excavating and Septic Pumping