Envirozyme Organic Digester: 4 litre Jug
Envirozyme Organic Digester, Spring Fresh Scent: 4 Litre Jug

Feed your septic system the good stuff!

All Natural — Chemical Resistant

This sewage treatment additive is ecologically safe for your septic tank. With a bacterial count of 300 billion/3.78L, it works to keep all your wastewater flowing freely from your home. The bacterial count includes 28 different cultures that create a harmonious balance in your wastewater treatment process.

Best time for use:

  • Excessive cleaning solutions flushed into the system from housekeeping.
  • Persons in the household on heart medication, or routine use of pharmaceuticals.  
  • Long periods of non-use, seasonal homes, cottages, campers, hunt camps.
  • Large home with minimum occupants. For instance, 5 bedrooms with 4 washrooms, but only 2 occupants living in the home: this equals low water flow. The septic system was designed for a much higher flow rate.
  • When a septic tank filter is being used. Envirozyme creates an environment that reduces the chance of an effluent filter backup. It also helps maintain functionality of the filter between septic tank service.

Easy directions for use:

Pour Envirozyme into a sink or toilet and flush with water. Alternately, pour directly into the septic tank distribution box.

Contact us for information regarding the amount and frequency of application (based on the size of your system).

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